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Far-infrared Radiation Loess Ball Multipurpose Heating Mat

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Far-infrared radiation loess ball multipurpose heating mat AP-15


  • Size(mm) : 500(W)*1,400(L)*45(H)
  • Weight : 4,500g - Rated voltage : AC220V / 60Hz / 230W
  • The temperature settings : 1~7 levels
  • Time set up : 0/60/90/120min


  1. Emissivity of far infrared is 92% out of loess ball.
  2. Colon bacillus, pyogenic bacteria 99.8% extermination (mold restraint)
  3. Comes in the extra large size that would cover a man’s shoulders to the lower back, to give hot pack effect for the entire torso.
  4. Hot pack in different areas of the body is possible / Stomach, legs, lower back, buttocks, calves